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Diploma thesis

My diploma thesis is about the characteristics of visual communication and their social significance in South America. It provides an overview of selected sample designs that are representative of the colorful and vibrant continent. Furthermore theoretical design approaches are discussed in form of the comparison of countryspecific design languages and the positioning of projects in relation to the present standard of living. Theses as the influence of South American mentality to the graphic design, especially on posters and product packaging, document conclusions how image formation gets created. 


Editorial Design
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Ultimate result of the structural separation of individual works, is that communication design expresses the creativity of the South Americans. Graphic design visualizes desires, needs, problems and annoyances. Cultures evolve – in relation to time – by humans, including the South American. Graphic designers in South America are questioning cultural developments seriously or humorously and deny or emphasize them. The South Americans can increase their level of worldwide recognition, if they keep up the communication about themself by electronic and analog media global. 


Visual communication in South America
Diploma Thesis Interview
Diploma Thesis Table of Content

Focus: Research and analysis, copywriting, visual concept, macro and micro typography, illustrations, reproduction photo

Diploma Thesis Illustration

I collaborated with the brazilian designer and illustrator Arther Duarte ( and asked him to answer some questions, giving his opinion on the subject.

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